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October 9, 2010

Roll that beautiful Beandog footage


The Time Has Come!

May 25, 2010

So, Apparently it is the time! Obama has unleashed the hordes… In case you didn’t notice we have been having all sorts of “unfortunate” accidents and misclaims throughout the Tea Party. One must surmise from these incidents that the lizard people are moving among us freely now!

If you are not aware of this movement, then I would arm yourself well. A dag is know to make the ruckus in the event of a close lizard encounter. REPEAT: IF A DOG IS YELPING COME A HELPING! That is a sure sign of the invasion in your area. What one needs to “know” is that this nation is approaching it’s end. And now is the time for all of us “real” christians to rise up and claim our mantle of saviors. It is our time to state “that we will no go quietly into the knight” and we will not be peaceful!!!. We did not embrace manifest destiny to have it wipenened from our slate so cleanly!! We must make our stand now before 0BAMA sets us up for takeover. We did not ask for this takeover! We have not accepted it and we WILLL NOTT! It is our time for our generation to become the NEW GREAT GENRATION. I ASK ALL THAT I KNOW TO STEP UP WITH ME NOW! It is time usure in the second genration of soldiers to step forward and accept what must be done. Now is the time that we must become what we are expected to be. We cannot wait any longer. We most go now and root out the evil before it consumes us! Whenever you see the police coming to your door, you make sure to ask them for some evidence of their citizenship. They are not allowed to question you if they are not citizens. ALL CITIZENS MUST KNOW THIS TO PROTECT THEIR RIGHTS!! CITIZENS MUST PROTECT THEIR RIGHTS! All must be prepared and keep their power dry. We have their resilence and now we must have more than that readyness. If they come call your neybors to tell them that now is the time. The word will spread quickly and WE are ready!