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Sean Bush (@CouldBeMe7) tweets his e-gangs private DM to the twitter world

September 15, 2010

Sean Bush (@CouldBeMe7) tweets his e-gangs private DM to the twitter world fully exposing the delusional mind behind the #wreckingcrew

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And posted in text below:

Morning, you may have heard about the “incident” between MrBloomingdale, VeteranAirborne, Dr_Rise and @joefuckingbiden last night. It seems that VeteranAirborne drug me into this mix and I still do not know why. So here is the rundown.

It seems @txconsrv09 sent @joefuckingbiden some dms in conversation. 09 called one of the members of the CupCakeCrew (group of women on Twitter) a whore. Or at least that is what I have heard. @joefuckingbiden then showed the dms around twitter. 09 apologized to all of the CupCakes but that didn’t seem to be enough for the “gentlemen”. They proceeded to tweet for some time about this lack of judgment. This forced 09 to lock his account and block them all.
I thought this incident was finished at that point, but noooooo, VeteranAirborne called MrBloomingdale out on the public timeline last night. And proceeded to call me out saying that the #WreckingCrew took in well here is the tweet:

hey @mrbloomingdale @couldbeme7 if you guys allow the sexual deviant @txconsrv09 in your group or you stick up for him we will have problems.

I do not appreciate ANYONE dragging the Crew into this fray. And he did it publically. I will be blocking his ass this morning. And BTW @txconsrv09 is NOT in the Crew.
So it seems that just the fact that we exist, we have DRAMA. In the meantime because of this I am getting Trolls this morning talking about the Crew being a bunch of sexual deviants and harboring pedophiles. Some of you may or may not know but VeteranAirborne used to be #WC….he resigned the same time Doc and slingbrush did. Same time, same day. I believe there may be “sour grapes” thrown somewhere in this from OUTSIDE the Crew. That being said, and all parties aside, I do not appreciate the Crew being drawn into this fiasco. Nor do I appreciate our name being dragged through the mud. In my personal opinion I would not trust sending a direct message to @joefuckingbiden, nor do I intend on doing so, since I have had him blocked since last March. Check the timelines of these individuals. Search MrBloomiingdale’s timeline from last night. You can see for yourselves what took place.
All of this drama from a careless Dm and an even more careless idiot who posted that DM out in the open.
Lesson learned: Keep your friends close and BLOCK your enemies.
Personally I think some are jealous because the #WC is doing well and I know you are all working hard to help good people and Conservatives on Twitter. Keep up the good work and watch your backs and your dms.


Bankrupt: A Greg W. Howard Special

June 13, 2010


I’d like to introduce you to a man named Greg W. Howard. Greg likes to use Twitter a lot. At the moment he has over 78,000 tweets, the majority of which are about how much he hates blacks, gays, liberals and lazy Mexicans. He is quick to label anything other than unfettered free market capitalism as “socialist”, the strongest insult a conservative can use. He deplores socialised healthcare and all kinds of welfare, well except for the disability checks that he himself lives off.

You see, our pal Greg, the financial advisor filed for bankruptcy on March 23rd 2010.

It really shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who has the stomach to read some of his tweets. Among his favourite choices for investment are gold (yet to confirm whether purestrain or regular), emergency rations, colloidal silver and ammunition. Bonds are a no-go for Greg-kun, evidently the Obama administration will have totally destroyed the US economy within 5 years. He also predicts a 5,000 point drop in the Dow over the next six months. Considering this apocalyptic, survivalist mindset which is predicated on his borderline psychotic hatred of the black president, it should hardly come as a shock to learn that he cannot adequately control his own meagre finances, let alone those of anyone sufficiently wealthy enough to seek the services of a financial advisor.

Treasuries? Heh, no thanks. The US will be bankrupt within 5 years.

A detailed examination of the document reveals that he owes $7,680 in unpaid child support. The amount of cash he has on hand?

Not more than $32

His total credit card debt is $27,506.66 and this man claims to make a living helping other people manage their money.

Special thanks to @TheRealSomebody and @kjlintner for investigating the source and helping break the bankruptcy story.


Greg W. Howard bankruptcy filing

The Time Has Come!

May 25, 2010

So, Apparently it is the time! Obama has unleashed the hordes… In case you didn’t notice we have been having all sorts of “unfortunate” accidents and misclaims throughout the Tea Party. One must surmise from these incidents that the lizard people are moving among us freely now!

If you are not aware of this movement, then I would arm yourself well. A dag is know to make the ruckus in the event of a close lizard encounter. REPEAT: IF A DOG IS YELPING COME A HELPING! That is a sure sign of the invasion in your area. What one needs to “know” is that this nation is approaching it’s end. And now is the time for all of us “real” christians to rise up and claim our mantle of saviors. It is our time to state “that we will no go quietly into the knight” and we will not be peaceful!!!. We did not embrace manifest destiny to have it wipenened from our slate so cleanly!! We must make our stand now before 0BAMA sets us up for takeover. We did not ask for this takeover! We have not accepted it and we WILLL NOTT! It is our time for our generation to become the NEW GREAT GENRATION. I ASK ALL THAT I KNOW TO STEP UP WITH ME NOW! It is time usure in the second genration of soldiers to step forward and accept what must be done. Now is the time that we must become what we are expected to be. We cannot wait any longer. We most go now and root out the evil before it consumes us! Whenever you see the police coming to your door, you make sure to ask them for some evidence of their citizenship. They are not allowed to question you if they are not citizens. ALL CITIZENS MUST KNOW THIS TO PROTECT THEIR RIGHTS!! CITIZENS MUST PROTECT THEIR RIGHTS! All must be prepared and keep their power dry. We have their resilence and now we must have more than that readyness. If they come call your neybors to tell them that now is the time. The word will spread quickly and WE are ready!

Greg W. Howard the huge babby

April 26, 2010

Video by @Pumpy Beanis

Tracy Coyle Spergs Out

April 15, 2010

Tracy Coyle. Androgynous Ogre

For the last week or so I have been ‘engaged’ in what is loosely described as a troll war. Simply put, a group of people hurl vulgar and profane comments at any and all passerby’s like primates in cage hurling their feces and screaming at the onlookers.

Some may say that is a harsh comment, but it is not just others, they will debase themselves in equally vulgar and profane ways. When I realized there was no disrespect possible that would ever approach the level of disrespect they have for themselves, my scorn became pity. There is no virtue in them, no respect. If you watch long enough, you will even question whether there is much that can be called humanity.

There are those that continually engage them, to try and put them off, or to distract them from some unsuspecting wanderer. It is a losing battle because there are two fundamental issues that can not be resolved. The first is the easy one: there is nothing to respect in them. We work with people daily under the premise that if they are willing to improve themselves, we can help. I called them ‘children’ because their maturity level was that of 4 or 5 at best. They would verbally spar until you hit some point where they would just react: verbally spitting and screaming; putting together visual phrases that no self respecting gutter snipe would utter. Regardless of their actual age, their actions resemble a toddler throwing a tantrum. There is no rational way to discuss anything with them. It is all invective and slurs. When they have no one to abuse, they abuse each other and themselves. In the end, I couldn’t even muster much pity. I don’t pity a dog licking itself no matter how disgusting I find it. It is natural for the dog to do so. And, that is the second issue:

They have engaged in this for long enough to twist their minds into nothing resembling rational. In Christianity it is called a reprobate mind. But such a claim used by a Christian is meant as a rebuke, an attempt to reach the person in their bad behavior. In these people, it means a mind so twisted and lost, there is no humanity left to cradle or help. They are intelligent animals. Capable of speech, such that it is; capable of reacting to their environment, probably even capable of generally acceptable behavior in public. But they will seldom be involved in social behavior except in small, well vetted groups that will resemble nothing much more than rutting.

If you were out in a field and came upon animals acting like these, you would think them rabid and put them out of their misery. But these are humans, even if marginally so, and therefore have to be given some protection. A hundred years ago, we would have put them in an institution and forgotten about them – letting the orderlies and medical profession attempt some basic control on them. But, we don’t do that anymore either. So, they are left to fester on the edges of our society, hurling their feces at whomever passes in front of them. Laughing and cackling at the disgust we show.

Only way to deal with them is to isolate them as much as possible. Set guardians to warn passerbys to avoid them and lock them behind a wall of their own creation.

After eight or nine days of wandering in their swamp, I realize I had more respect for myself and there was no value to my continuing. I will put them outside a wall of the community I share with others and stand my turn at the watch. It is the only humane thing to do.

Culture of Genocide by Greg W. Howard

April 14, 2010

Video by @Pumpy Beanis

Twitter: Haven for Cyberbullying, Pornography, Racism

April 14, 2010

Twitter bills itself as “without a doubt the best way to share and discover what is happening right now.” However, it is rapidly becoming the best place to cyberbully, post pornography, and engage in the nastiest and most vulgar speech possible, all with impunity. Despite growing protests from long-established users, Twitter continues to officially turn a deaf ear to the growing outrage.

In recent months, a disturbing trend has been emerging where a small percentage of users have grown increasingly bold in their attacks on other users. These attacks may include outright slander, libel and defamation. At times, the attacks contain overt references to sexual or other bodily function activity in the most graphic and vulgar of terms. The attackers will also resort to posting links within messages appearing to be news and opinion tweets in which the links go to graphic pornographic or scatalogic images. Finally, the last method of attack so to create faked retweets of messages from users in which overtly racial (including use of the “N” word), pornographic, or graphic sexual activity is falsely attributed to the target of the attack.

Twitter does not have any stated minimum age for users in its Terms of Service, unlike Facebook and other services. Therefore, not only are the attacks being seen by all users of Twitter, they are being seen in many cases by users under the age of 18. Video games and movies contain ratings that bar inappropriate material to minors. Twitter has become a free-fire zone where nearly anything goes. It should be rated NC-17 based on the content that is appearing more and more frequently. Users of Twitter may expect to see the “N” word used with disturbing regularity as a means to attack another. Users should also prepare themselves to hear discussions and see images of explosive diarrhea, images of gay orgies imbedded in tweets supposedly about White House Easter egg hunts, see open and graphically vulgar sexual activity being offered or used as abuse, and anything else that may come to mind of the cyberbullies.

Twitter’s official stance is to do nothing unless the activity falls within a very narrow range of proscribed activities. In essence, Twitter condones the activity and makes no effort to control it or shield users from the attacks of other users.

The most common targets of the attacks in our investigation have been those who have strong conservative political views and who have high follower counts. These individuals may be singled out or attacked in groups using any or all of the chosen methods in combination. Intially the attacks were limited to a very small group of people, including conservative celebrities, but they have fanned out to rank and file users in random vicious attacks.

Reports may be made to Twitter about the activity, but with very rare exceptions, the person reporting the activity will receive the following stock reply:

Hello,Twitter provides a communication service. As a policy, we do not mediate content or intervene in disputes between users. Users are allowed to post content, including potentially inflammatory content, provided that they do not violate the Twitter Terms of Service and Rules (name calling is not a violation).For additional information regarding harassment and violent threats, please refer to the following support page: a violent threat is posted in the future, please let us know, and send the status link. For instructions on how to find a Tweet’s status link, please refer to this support page:

Additionally, Twitter is an opt-in service that allows its users to choose what content they receive. If you have a Twitter account, in addition to un-following a user (which will stop that user’s Tweets from being delivered to your timeline), you also can block the user. Blocking will prevent a user from following you on Twitter or replying to you. You can block someone by following these instructions:

1. Log in to
2. Visit the profile page of the person you’d like to block.
3. In the right-hand sidebar under the “Actions” section, click block.

You will see an “Undo” link on the profile you blocked in case you change your mind
Twitter Trust and Safety

In summary, Twitter’s only solution is for the user to block incoming messages from the offender. This would work well if Twitter were a simple chatroom or Facebook method of communication. Blocking does not prevent the attacker from posting anything they want about another user to the public timeline. So, Twitter’s solution is for the person offended and being attacked to stop seeing the attacks, but every other user of Twitter will continue to see it, and that is the whole purpose of the attacks: to place inflammatory, racial, sexual, pornographic or other material into the public timeline for all to see in order to harass or defame another.

To compound matters, most users of Twitter filter the public timeline by using “hashtags.” A hashtag is the # symbol followed by a short string of letters or numbers by which the user can filter out everything that does not contain this hashtag designation. For example, conservatives on Twitter tend to use #tcot (Top Conservatives On Twitter), #ocra (Organized Conservative Resistance Alliance), and #ucot (United Conservatives On Twitter). There are hundreds if not thousands of other popular hashtags throughout Twitter where people find topics of interest to them where they can read and post their ideas.

By posting to hashtags, the attackers are able to make sure their tweets are being seen by a large and focused audience. Blocking an attacker does not in any way stop the tweets from appearing in the hashtag searches. In fact, the attackers make use of the hashtags to target their attacks on a person to the friends and followers of their selected targeted user.

Twitter’s official responses are basically, “This is how it is. If you don’t like it, you can leave.” Interesting approach by a company supposedly supplying a service where people of like minds can meet up and discuss ideas.

Not satisfied with Twitter’s official responses to the numerous complaints being processed by them about this recent uptick in activity, direct tweets were sent to Evan Williams (@ev), Twitter’s CEO, and to Del Harvey (@delbius), head of Twitter’s Trust and Safety Team. These messages contained links to offensive messages with a request they personally look at the material and see if this is what they wanted Twitter to become. Mr. Williams never responded. Ms. Harvey only responded by saying publicly that she would look into the matter. However, Ms. Harvey also directly responded that Twitter does not mediate content. This was a collosal mistake, as the pace of the attacks moved to a whole new dimension and became more widespread.

Twitter will have to re-evaluate the standards of acceptable behavior if it wishes to survive with this disturbing change in the way Twitter is used. It is far from a family environment. In fact, it would be considered an offensive place by most persons at this point.

What can the users of Twitter do? There are several options. They can continue to tweet and try to ignore the increasingly vulgar environment being created. They can simply leave to other services where blocking an offender actually serves the intended purpose, such as Facebook. Or, Twitter users can demand action by contacting Twitter and its officials in every way possible.

We hope that Twitter will realize its current policies are inadequate to providing the environment they wish to portray they provide. We are not hopeful at this stage. Twitter officials were given 48-hour notice of this article and the material to be presented. They never replied to request for comment or clarification. (Fucking LOL – Editor).

The Manifesto of Greg W Howard

April 13, 2010

Video by @Pumpy Beanis

Greg W. Howards “Mein Kampf”