Sean Bush (@CouldBeMe7) tweets his e-gangs private DM to the twitter world


Sean Bush (@CouldBeMe7) tweets his e-gangs private DM to the twitter world fully exposing the delusional mind behind the #wreckingcrew

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And posted in text below:

Morning, you may have heard about the “incident” between MrBloomingdale, VeteranAirborne, Dr_Rise and @joefuckingbiden last night. It seems that VeteranAirborne drug me into this mix and I still do not know why. So here is the rundown.

It seems @txconsrv09 sent @joefuckingbiden some dms in conversation. 09 called one of the members of the CupCakeCrew (group of women on Twitter) a whore. Or at least that is what I have heard. @joefuckingbiden then showed the dms around twitter. 09 apologized to all of the CupCakes but that didn’t seem to be enough for the “gentlemen”. They proceeded to tweet for some time about this lack of judgment. This forced 09 to lock his account and block them all.
I thought this incident was finished at that point, but noooooo, VeteranAirborne called MrBloomingdale out on the public timeline last night. And proceeded to call me out saying that the #WreckingCrew took in well here is the tweet:

hey @mrbloomingdale @couldbeme7 if you guys allow the sexual deviant @txconsrv09 in your group or you stick up for him we will have problems.

I do not appreciate ANYONE dragging the Crew into this fray. And he did it publically. I will be blocking his ass this morning. And BTW @txconsrv09 is NOT in the Crew.
So it seems that just the fact that we exist, we have DRAMA. In the meantime because of this I am getting Trolls this morning talking about the Crew being a bunch of sexual deviants and harboring pedophiles. Some of you may or may not know but VeteranAirborne used to be #WC….he resigned the same time Doc and slingbrush did. Same time, same day. I believe there may be “sour grapes” thrown somewhere in this from OUTSIDE the Crew. That being said, and all parties aside, I do not appreciate the Crew being drawn into this fiasco. Nor do I appreciate our name being dragged through the mud. In my personal opinion I would not trust sending a direct message to @joefuckingbiden, nor do I intend on doing so, since I have had him blocked since last March. Check the timelines of these individuals. Search MrBloomiingdale’s timeline from last night. You can see for yourselves what took place.
All of this drama from a careless Dm and an even more careless idiot who posted that DM out in the open.
Lesson learned: Keep your friends close and BLOCK your enemies.
Personally I think some are jealous because the #WC is doing well and I know you are all working hard to help good people and Conservatives on Twitter. Keep up the good work and watch your backs and your dms.


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  1. Therealsomebody Says:

    Haha yeah jeannie’s daughter is 20 yr old whore. I like fuckimg her mouth sideways as to stretch her pig face

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