Bankrupt: A Greg W. Howard Special



I’d like to introduce you to a man named Greg W. Howard. Greg likes to use Twitter a lot. At the moment he has over 78,000 tweets, the majority of which are about how much he hates blacks, gays, liberals and lazy Mexicans. He is quick to label anything other than unfettered free market capitalism as “socialist”, the strongest insult a conservative can use. He deplores socialised healthcare and all kinds of welfare, well except for the disability checks that he himself lives off.

You see, our pal Greg, the financial advisor filed for bankruptcy on March 23rd 2010.

It really shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who has the stomach to read some of his tweets. Among his favourite choices for investment are gold (yet to confirm whether purestrain or regular), emergency rations, colloidal silver and ammunition. Bonds are a no-go for Greg-kun, evidently the Obama administration will have totally destroyed the US economy within 5 years. He also predicts a 5,000 point drop in the Dow over the next six months. Considering this apocalyptic, survivalist mindset which is predicated on his borderline psychotic hatred of the black president, it should hardly come as a shock to learn that he cannot adequately control his own meagre finances, let alone those of anyone sufficiently wealthy enough to seek the services of a financial advisor.

Treasuries? Heh, no thanks. The US will be bankrupt within 5 years.

A detailed examination of the document reveals that he owes $7,680 in unpaid child support. The amount of cash he has on hand?

Not more than $32

His total credit card debt is $27,506.66 and this man claims to make a living helping other people manage their money.

Special thanks to @TheRealSomebody and @kjlintner for investigating the source and helping break the bankruptcy story.


Greg W. Howard bankruptcy filing

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25 Responses to “Bankrupt: A Greg W. Howard Special”

  1. pumpybeanis Says:

    what a bad man

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  3. Supakitsune Says:

    So he’s not just intellectually bankrupt, then…

  4. when i was 8 i wanted to be.... Says:

    the joy and pain of Twitter, most everyone can join and can say pretty much what they want……

  5. Therealsomebody Says:

    Greg is fat gay babby

  6. el chicharrone Says:

    back in the day, the flag of the united states was something that was saluted, not cut up into frivolous neckwear. “stars fell on alabama,” but nowhere near this loser. we were brought up to not make fun of the culturally deprived, but in this instance i may have to make an exception.

  7. Galoux Says:

    What happened to the $15,000 he made on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? No joke. He was on the show in late 2009.

  8. dan lorkupinis Says:

    Self-employed financial planner and agent owns Monday Hope Financial Services; “hope” your money doesn’t disappear… like his did.

  9. Greg W Howard Says:

    what a bad man (me)

  10. Reda StCyr Says:

    I believe everything said about this man He was so nasty and disgusting to me months back I had to block him from my twitter site.
    Not surprising I am a black woman who speaks out on injustices and a voice for the voiceless, that send chills up his spine and I plan to continue!

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    […] fact that this “financial advisor” filed for bankruptcy the year […]

  13. Dae Mitchell Says:

    I’ll also give you guys an exclusive. Greg W. Howard also has two children from a marriage to his FIRST wife in the early 80s. He shortly disowned both those children after impregnating another woman. When his first son was just several weeks old he put his wife, daughter, and son on a plane and sent them away. They never saw him again. Not long after he married the second woman (whether this marriage was legal or not remains to be seen since back then computers weren’t really keeping track). That second son became his beloved Junior but he quickly left that family behind and settled in with his current wife and sired two more sons. After years of fighting, his first wife got the state to garnish his wages for his back child support and to this day he’s still paying little by little but the payments aren’t regular because, as you see, he’s not exactly raking in the dough out there. His eldest child and only daughter attempted to form a connection with him at the age of 16 while he was in the midst of an extramarital affair with his current wife back in 1997 or so but he sold her (the daughter) up the river essentially and turned his back on her when she asked him to take responsibility for his abandonment. All she’d ever done was ask him to explain why he’d done it. Years later he still acts like he’s done nothing wrong. Plainly put, this man is a sociopath.

    How do I know? I’m his daughter.

    • R. Adriana Says:

      I can’t imagine how so much hate and bitterness could exist in a young woman’s heart. Can’t you see that it is all constantly poisoning you and destroying any possibility of finding any happiness in this life? What a waste! Enough, Andrea, enough!

      • Phil Miaz Says:

        So which one of Greg’s thugs are you? A man who abandons, neglects, and emotionally abuses his children doesn’t deserve a break. Hell R. Adriana is probably Gerg still trying to emotionally control his only daughter.

  14. cash during bankruptcy Says:

    Great article more people should read it

  15. Isaiah Megee Says:

    Great blog here! Also your website loads up fast! What host are you using? Can I get your affiliate link to your host? I wish my site loaded up as quickly as yours lol

  16. Dae Says:

    R. Adriana is his alcoholic mother who enabled his horrid deeds all through his life. She is a real piece of work herself. She rejected and abandoned me as well when I wouldn’t side with her and her son after all the horrid things he did. They left me and my brother to rot while all Greg’s other children were acknowledged. Now Raquel and co live their so-called idyllic life pretending Joe and I don’t exist. But we do exist Raquel and Greg. And do I hate you both? No. I don’t. You’re both pathetic wastes of life and I watch this page waiting daily for news of your deaths so that I can rest knowing that my air will no longer be wasted by two sociopaths that never deserved to have it. Fuck you both for what you did to us. I’m glad total strangers hate you.

    I’ll tell you when is enough. I’m 32 now. This is the monster your son made you fucking bitch. Choke on it.

  17. Dae Says:

    By the way Raquel, tell everyone the story about how Greg threw you down the stairs in San Diego 11 years ago (before Darren killed himself) because you wouldn’t sell the kids’ stocks. You were on the phone crying to my mom about that one. Remember?

    Or how you cut me out of the will when I wouldn’t change my name.

    I can keep going on and on.

    My son hates you and he can’t even talk yet.

    • jamie Says:

      Andrea, you don’t know me but is seems as though I’m your sister-in-law. My husband and I did not know anything about any of this and would like to talk to you. We aren’t on anyone’s side or trying to start any trouble we would just like to know the facts. If you would like you can email me back at We would appreciate hearing from you.

  18. 9 Says:

    Spot on with this write-up, I absolutely believe that this site needs a great deal more attention.
    I’ll probably be returning to read through more, thanks for the information!

  19. You know who. Says:

    Jamie – you’ve been contacted. I’m sure we have quite a bit to discuss. But I agree with everyone else – This site really does need to keep going. Keep exposing Greg for what he is: A liar, a bigot, and a complete and utter hypocrite. You might as well add sociopath into the mix as well. Look up the definition of the term and it matches him to a T. He’s a demon and completely lacks any empathy necessary. He’s also paranoid and has done a number of other things that I won’t mention in polite company because it gets pretty disgusting. He was apparently off his medication at the time.

  20. ソース Says:


    Bankrupt: A Greg W. Howard Special | Libturds and Toilet Bugs

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